Trending Ideas of 2016 for Renovating Your Living Room

A Living Room is like a gateway to your lifestyle. It is an introduction to the way you think and the way you like to live your life. It gives others an idea about the kind of person you are and whether you are organized enough or have a messy set of mind.


All of us like to sit in a room which is not only organized and comfortable, but also organized in such a way that it helps one relax. Apart from these, the main aim of a properly set living room is to entertain guests and spend time with family. So, in order to make it sever the purposes, many people come up with various ideas of remodeling or renovating their living rooms. Some of the popular trending ideas in 2016 for renovation of your living room are as follows:

  • If you want to renovate your Living Room, you have to firstly consider it a blank space. One should view it from the perspective of an artist with a blank canvas in front of him.
  • A room which was earlier dark and lacked sunshine can be renovated by using some light colors in walls and complementing decors that radiate light. A window can also be built in order to ensure that sufficient light enters the room.


  • Colors can do the trick! If you feel like your old room, though quite big seems small and congested, try out a light color, remove dark carpets and let more air flow in with sufficient light. You are sure not only to generate space, but also feel a lot better and comfortable.inv-home-decor-blog-3
  • Changing a couple of sofas and trying out new flooring may be a great idea in renovating you living room.
  • Sometimes, some large rooms are kept as pass-through space with no proper utilization. In such cases, some kind of a partition can be used and the space can be wisely utilized to set a proper living room.


  • There are some other awesome that are sure to give an amazing touch to your idea of renovation. These include ideas like mixing patterns and textures in the decors, use of bright and energetic hues in the walls and the furniture, framing large pictures that, may give it a look of gallery and use of sophisticated designs.