TRANSFORM Sale – To mark the beginning of INV 2018

It’s all about re – INVenting and improvising! Here at INV we have something BIG and EXCITING to unveil! We are all set to ‘TRANSFORM’, making way for the ‘New’, replacing the old with something ‘Unique’ and ‘One of a kind’.


Surpassing your expectations, a testament of your fine taste. It’s about experiencing something that you haven’t seen, ‘ever before’! We understand your choices, your preferences and nuances, bringing you the best from the world over to turn your home into a bespoke abode that radiates ‘panache’, ‘grandeur’ and your ‘singular evolved tastes’.

We know we are your first choice when it comes to your home decor. We are delighted to tell you that you are ours too, that is why we throw open the ‘Transform Sale’ to you offering you upto 50% off. Make the most of being the early birds to hand pick your home decor favourites before everyone else.

This weekend, get ready to be pampered by our hospitable staff who will happily guide you through the gorgeous array of assorted home decor in essences that you can’t even imagine. Every statement piece, every mould and tuck has a story behind it, of it’s fine craftsmanship, of the detailing and the journey that turned it into an evolved accessory to adorn and accentuate your home decor manifolds.

Not only this, the fine rendezvous will be complimented by some scrumptious munchies and mocktails for you to savour.

Here is your chance to ‘bag’ this opportunity to avail an exciting discount on all your favourite home decor that you have set your heart on!