T – Light, Votive or Hurricane: How do you differentiate?

Lights and candles play a vital role in setting the tone for any occasion or event. Just a simple flicker of an aesthetically placed light is enough to add the required character and drama to any ambiance. Whether you keep it inside or outside, each creates its own aura and theme. However, aesthetics is just a very small portion of getting it right. What is important is to get the usage apt to optimally use your handpicked candles. There is a mind boggling variety in the market. How do you decide? How do you zero down on what to purchase? How do you differentiate between all that is available? How do you decide on the placement? Here is a quick guide;

1. T – light

Comparatively smaller in size, with a plastic or metal cup to collect the wax and wick. These are available in a variety of designs and colours to suit your decor. They burn for a shorter period of time, as compared to a votive. The best part about these lights is that they don’t leave a residue and therefore require lower maintenance. All you need to do is invert the light to clean the wax.

These are usually placed in numbers more than one to create the desired effect owing to their small size. These can also be covered with a designer holder or base to add to its beauty and effect. They are usually placed inside the


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2. Votive
Simpler in design with a lower melting point. A votive is placed inside the house and can go on for hours together. The main factor here is to choose a holder that complements the decor. The holder also has to be sensible, so as to collect the residue for an easy, mess free experience.

The candles used are more often than not, a simple white with a designer holder in various colours and materials. An intricately carved metal holder makes for the best bet as it beautifully compliments the decor as well as the subdued candle. Interestingly, these are also used in churches as prayer lamps from times immemorial.


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3. Hurricane

These are quite comparable to lanterns, in fact these are often used interchangeably. The fuel is placed inside the hurricane. It usually has a very traditional look, almost giving it an Arabian design and is mostly made of clear glass which could be slightly tinted to give it a more dramatic appearance.

These are usually placed outside the house and burn for a longer time since it has place to hold enough fuel. The base is usually made out of brass or a non – malleable metal to withstand the high amount of heat generated.


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Now that you are sure of the difference, you won’t go wrong at the next party. Just pick your favourites as per your mood and style and get ready to create the perfect ambiance for an unforgettable experience for your hosts. The personal touch will be much appreciated and will leave a lasting impression on your guests.