Stunning Lighting Ideas for Staircases That Spell Ultimate Class

Home décor folks are keen on making it look classy yet different for every next assignment. Though there isn’t much option with the major furnishing part, yet you can sprinkle up a variety with your staircase lights.

Lantern-style pendants: The lantern-style pendant lights resemble golden birdcages with candle-like bulbs inside. These complement the contemporary metal railings of your staircase and give it a vintage touch.

Cascading Chandeliers: For two or three-storey staircases, little lamps, shining the brightest, are strung together in one circuit. These bright lamps arranged spirally with long metal strings, make it look like a cascading chandelier imparting class in every ounce of it to your staircase.

Perforated metal pendants: The contemporary edgeless stairs do call for a beautiful light set-up. These pyramidal metal pendants make unusually beautiful patterns on the walls, formed by the light peeping through the perforations.

Glass bulbs: At times, simple tit-bits put together make it look classier than ever. If you are in for a rustic look for your abode, go for this simple arrangement of bulbs. A few glass bulbs lighting up your staircase brightly, are made to hang low from unevenly textured wires. These blend best with the wooden handrail and stairs.

Shaded Globe Pendants: If you have a pretty good amount of light gushing into your staircase, go for accent lighting. The slits of these dark hued globe pendants, let out light beams spotting downwards, forming semi-circular patterns. The perforated globe pendants light up your staircase brightly, leaving no need for task lights.

So, cut off the stereotype lighting arrangements and go for the contemporary alignments of lamps, illuminating your staircase with premium lighting and class.