Modern Trends in Interior Designing

 The field of Interior Designing is evolving each day. Innovative ideas and designs which stand out from the crowd are gaining momentum in terms of everyone’s favorite choice. A lot of interior designing enthusiasts wish to transform their indoors with a brilliant makeover and create a long lasting impression in the minds of their acquaintances. Here are some examples of designs and concepts which reflect the idea of thinking out of the box and create an eye catchy appearance –

Twin tone for kitchen cabinets

kitchen + inv luxury home deco Courtesy: Housebeautiful

Gone are those days when everyone chose the same color scheme for their kitchen cabinets. These days the idea of twin tone for kitchen cabinets is trending. Neutral colored upper cabinets and bright and dark toned lower cabinets or vice-versa is the new way for giving two different style directions to your kitchens. 

Colored stainless steel appliances


Several surveys conducted by well known interior décor websites have concluded that most of the people don’t want any of those silver colored stainless steel appliances. They wish to break the monotony and wish to stash a new color which complements the overall look of their kitchen.

The presence of islands in Kitchen

island + inv luxury home deco

These islands add an extra space to the kitchen. But, they have cultivated much more reputation than just being termed as ‘storage spaces’. These islands provide an extra workspace and serve as deep storage units, provide extra sitting area, contain prep sinks and much more. In short, they have become both a necessity and a luxury.

Eco Friendly wooden furniture

wooden furniture + inv luxury home deco

There have been tons of cultural trends which played a significant role in being the influencer for revolutionary interior designs. But now an increased amount of emphasis is being put on eco-friendly interior décor ideas which would not just prove to be marvelous but would help in protecting the environment as well. So, bring home the exotic wooden vibe.

The entry of floral prints

floral prints + inv luxury home deco 

The inclusion of floral prints has become a style statement for everyone who wishes to bring in a ‘splendid’ touch to their interiors. Instead of using them for the entire space, floral prints are perfect for those objects or spaces which prove to be the focal point and draw the maximum and obvious attention.

Turning bathrooms into living spaces

bathroom + inv luxury home decor

Earlier, most of the people didn’t care about how there bathrooms looked like. But now, a lot of amazing ideas are coming in the limelight regarding designing the bathroom and turning it into a living space. The ideology being followed here is that a hot water shower might make you feel better but the interiors of the bathroom will surely leave you spellbound.