Living Room Colour Pallets that You Need to Try

Living Room Colour Pallets that You Need to Try

Though the entrance to any house initially builds the impression of any person, it is actually the living room that reveals the decorum of the house. It not only expresses the choices of the family or its owner, but also gives an insight to their psychology.  Therefore, when you generally visit anyone, you tend to make judgements about the people living there with a mere look into the living room. Here are some tips for you to change the entire look of your living room. You just need to try something different.

Diverse Elegance


You can use a diverse range of colours and use them accordingly, choosing the ones that can have form a great combination. For example, a combination of three colour shades that include turquoise, jade green and lemon green can be used in a single room in different patterns for a unique and sophisticated look.  But one should remember that changing the colour schemes is not limited merely to the walls. It has to be complemented by the colour of the furniture too. So with the changing colours of the walls, give an equal thought to figure out matching colours for your furniture.

Traditional Neutrals


It is seen that neutral colours turn out to be the best choice when it comes to choosing a background for a living room. But you should also know that it can end up with an amazing look when you add accessories in muted shades or use bright hues as a contrast in order to achieve a different look. The milder the colour, the more calming it will be.

Breezy Contemporary


Designers have done too good a work to discover conformity and contrast in the use of colours in a room. For example, cool blue draperies and walls in creamy shades contrast well with the dark brown floors in order to create a relaxing living room. The best about such contemporary ideas is that they are unique in style and is a product of creativity. Once again, this needs to be complemented by the right choice of fabrics for your cushions on furniture.


These are only a few ways of changing the appearance of your living room and trust me, there are many such innovative ideas. You can go either for a completely mild choice or may make it work with bright contrasting colours. It is only a matter of discovery. And your choice of colours will completely depend on the way you think and desire your living room to be like.

Some Easy Summer Décor Ideas

This summer DIY and try out some unique ways to change the feel of your house. It is a time to relax and enjoy the season. Then why not start with something innovative? Do you not wish that your home turns to be a cool place to live in? All you need to do is make a little change here and a little there and you will be amazed to see the creation around you. And let me assure you that summer décor ideas are easy and interesting.

Here are some tips for you:



From formal to casual, it will undoubtedly be great leap. Yes, formal, dark and muted tones are perfect for fall and winter as they give you a cosy, warm feel. But spring and summer comes with a need for light and airy colours. You do not have to worry. Just use removable slipcovers, or decorative throws to bring bursts of colour and brightness. Colours have a great impact on your psychology and thought process. Change is the way you wish to just to make this summer more happening!! You can casual slipcovers with formal throw pillows to give it a trendy look.



Summers are hot and all you want during these days are air and more air. If you wish for the cool night air to come in keep out the hot summer sun, it is recommended that you use curtains instead of drapery. Drapery are dark and heavy materials that maintain the heat inside and is of great use during winters. But during summers, curtains paired with sheers can give you versatile flexibility and allow a lot of cool air to flow into your house.



Freshness is what we look forward to during the summer days. A breathtaking view can be the best thing you can think of, when it comes to enjoying your summer mornings or evenings. Whether it is the view of an ocean, a pool or lush green yard, freshness can be found everywhere. So, you need to maximize your furniture placement by turning it towards any of these. Opening the windows may help you calm your mind and the natural sounds will act upon you to heal all you from within. And to add to everything, you may go for a large painting or an aquarium. It will help you to relax to the greatest extent when you look at it.

So, do these really simple things and make this summer of yours awesome!!