Do you know your decor personality?

Even the idea of redecorating your home is so exciting! You start visualising how your home would look with the change in settings and colour tones. The task lies in zeroing down on a particular colour scheme or what furniture would go well or the upholstery that would best suit your taste. To add to it, when you reach the store there is so much to choose from; from browns to fluorescents, solids to patterned, stripes to floral and the list is never ending. Here is where you can rely on spectrums. It’s as simple as matching what catches your fancy in a particular spectrum and putting it all together to have a visual roadmap to what you should finally go in for, that would best reflect your personal style and taste.

Spectrum: Modern to timeless

If your style is simple and minimal, clean lines catch your fancy more than something that is patterned, then you tend to be more inclined towards modern spectrum. This is because you prefer open spaces, and less clutter that allows you to keep your mind fresh and sorted so that creativity can thrive.


If you are somebody who loves collectibles, those that have an era or a tradition attached with them and prefer something elegantly designed and intricately crafted then you belong to this spectrum. Your style is more regal and classy.

Spectrum: Subdued to colourful


If you are drawn to warm, earthy and subtle tones and prefer natural materials and textures then you tend to fall more into this category of the spectrum. Sophistication is more like your style. The colour schemes could range from ‘mocha’, ‘espresso’ to ‘cream’ and ‘beige’.


If you are the kinds for whom a splash of colour defines happiness, creativity and good vibes you surely belong to this side of the spectrum. You are somebody who won’t mind experimenting with bright coloured furniture and upholstery in peppiest of colours.

Spectrum: Light to dark


If you are drawn to sunbathed spaces and crave high ceilings and large windows that allow bright light to come in then you fall in this category. You also prefer pastels and soft shades.


If you prefer dark cosy corners and compact spaces you are drawn more towards this side of the spectrum. You prefer deep and intense shades that ooze warmth and richness.

Spectrum: Formal to bohemian


If neat pin tucks and perfectly knotted bows are your style and having a guest over begins with a perfectly planned out checklist that includes everything from the cutlery, crockery down to the napkins to be used then you definitely fall in this category.


If easy – breezy is more like your style. It’s more about a beach – like theme with low maintenance decor that breathes light into the house and having a guest over is more open – ended, letting the party run its course without too much fuss here is where you belong.

How do you put it all together?

Once you are done rating yourself on all these spectrums all you have to do is, put them together and put it all together like a jigsaw puzzle to visualise your personalised style. Once you have zeroed down on your preferred scheme it makes life a lot easier and the result would truly reflect your true personality.