Keeping your interiors trendy with Pantone 2018

The deep, dramatic and somewhat edgy hue is here to rule the year 2018. “Ultra Violet is a color that’s almost like a neutral in fashion now,” says New York-based interior designer Brett Beldock. From Queen Elizabeth to every newscaster on television is adorning the color with great confidence. It’s like a making a statement of staying with the trends. So much to say about fashion. What about adding the color of the year to your interiors and decors? Here are some simple tips to get it right;

1. Bringing it to the bedroom

The hue is full of paradox, it’s strong yet soothing. The deep and dreamy color is a perfect fit for any bedroom. The radical character adds a daring and adventurous element to the ambiance and inspires you to break free from the monotonous. It’s also lends a dreamy tone to your living space. Right from oriental to timeless decor would pair well with ultra violet walls.

Courtesy: Roenskeep

2. Pairing it with other colors

Owing to its deep tone, it has to be aesthetically paired with any other color. It possesses the tendency to overshadow other colors of the room and define the tone for the entire decor. Care has to be taken to not overdo the color so that it doesn’t take over the entire scheme. However, it can be sparingly paired with white, heather gray, khaki, mint, olive or camel.

Courtesy: erahomedesign

3. Accessorizing it right
This gorgeous hue is best paired with accessories in oriental colors and designs. The color itself spells out a royal tone. To accentuate and bring out the best in it, it’s best paired with intricately designed accessories in an oriental gold. You can think of having a gorgeous gold mirror against an ultra violet wall or intricately crafted photo frames to adorn your mantle.

Courtesy: Mylifewear

4. Balance the tone

The overpowering tone of purple can be beautifully blended with other colors and tones to reduce the overwhelming vibe it gives. Too much of purple can make the house look dull and drab, as it’s a deep and dark color. The best way is to add a metallic color or other dark colors to create a perfect balance between the two.

Courtesy: homeaway

There is nothing like a royal purple. The very hue is enough to make a strong statement that sets the tone for the entire scheme. Your interiors done in this color would look classy and trendy at the same time, as this color offers a varied and deep spectrum. The trick to making use of color 2018 for your interiors lies in using it right.