Keep ‘grey’ at ‘bay’, with colours!

‘There ain’t no sunshine when it’s grey outside”! Well it doesn’t matter. Especially, when you can keep the ‘grey’ at ‘bay’ with our secret formula. It’s as simple as taking in your favourite tones and creating the ambiance that you want to. Almost like a super power of sorts! Imagine the joy of having an endless summer at home or coming back to a bohemian, fancy free theme. What’s important here is getting the entire colour palette right. It all lies in the interplay of the right hues to blend with the right mood. Here are some contenders vis – a vis the gloomy greys;

1. Yellow

Why does it qualify? Definition of happiness

Just a splash of this colour is enough to break the monotony of anything at all. Even the dullest of themes get a new lease of life with just a hint of this colour. It’s all about sunshine, warmth and elation. Whether you pair it with other poppy colours or any subdued hue, it surely goes well with any theme. Bring home an endless summer!

Courtesy – Sabrina Mix

2. Purple

Why does it qualify? The colour of the royals

Be it a deep wine or powder lavender, the hint of this colour is just enough to make a lasting statement. It’s a taste that is acquired; over time, class and style. It’s all about creating a royal ambience with aesthetics to match. Only those with fine tastes can get this blend of colour right.


Courtesy – Moco Submit

3. Blue

Why does it qualify? Bohemian always

This is the colour of the ocean and the sky. It reflects a home that is low maintenance and all embracing. It takes you to the sunlit alleys of Santorini, Greece. Add simple whites to it and take the calm and footloose vibe to another level while keeping it graceful and demure at the same time.


Courtesy – Goower

4. Red

Why does it qualify? The romantic soul

It takes you straight to the blush of red roses and the enchanting magic of rubies. Add some drama and depth to your interiors with this bold and intense hue that you just can’t enough of. It also is the colour of power and tradition that gives your aesthetics a very timeless edge.


Courtesy – Datahub

5. Green

Why does it qualify? Close to nature

Think about fresh dew drops and an endless carpet of green as far the eyes can see. There is nothing more refreshing and invigorating to the senses. The simple and earthy tones of this colour will lend your abode a versatile base for all the other decor accents.


Courtesy – Ocean Mag

Interestingly, you don’t have to shut all your doors and windows. Oxymoronically, each of these colours are sure to blend well with grey. Maintain your inner happy vibe while making peace with the weather outside.