It’s a date!

‘It’s not about how it looks, it’s about how it makes you feel’! While gifts are a sweet way to convey your feelings for your dear one, you can step it up by treating them to a special experience that makes the moment extraordinary and unforgettable. Valentine’s Day is all about the romance that you can recreate, taking a step back from the hectic daily routine and making your Valentine feel special. Here are few suggestions on how to make the occasion momentous;

1. Getting the lights right

The very start to setting the tone of the evening is deciding on the vibe that you want to create. While you may go in for a subtle yellow light that brings along an element of coziness and comfort, you may also get a little adventurous with a balanced flash of red to fill the ambiance with romance and drama. However, what’s important here is to use it sparingly. The best way to set the tone of light is to choose a lamp that not only goes well with your home decor but also accentuates the light with its designs and patterns. To further add to the ambiance, compliment it with T lights and votive in stylish candle holders to make it feel like a candlelight dinner.

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2. Raising a toast

Let the party begin with an exotic blend, toast to your blissful togetherness! The most important thing here is ‘what goes well with what’. You may choose from a chilled bubbly served in exquisite champagne flutes, to red wine served at the right temperature in a wide mouth goblet. Here you can also experiment with giving a zesty twist of lime to the champagne or add freshly chopped fruits to the red wine and make it into a Sangria.

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3. Setting up the table

While it is all going well so far, how you serve the meal is a ‘make or break’. This is the very few times you would want to make an effort for a four course meal. Begin with a scrumptious entrée or you may even begin with wine and cheese. The most important thing for the main meal is getting the choice of cuisine and the setting of the table right. If nothing else, go with the basics; forks and chopsticks for Chinese, a knife and a fork for Continental. A fine dine experience is created with the accurate placement of crockery and cutlery, that adds grandeur and finesse to the ambiance.

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4. Ending it on a sweet note

End the evening perfectly, with an exotic dessert. The trick to getting this right is, of course keeping in mind the choice of your whether you want to go with something fruity or cocoa based. What would add to the flavours, is serving it correctly. You may go in for a pretty looking ice cream bowl for serving ice cream or a shot glass for mousse, you may even get a little adventurous with serving a layered trifle in a wide mouth goblet.

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Valentine’s Day is all about expressing how you feel with the special someone. Making little efforts go a long way in creating timeless memories.