Heritage home of India: Custodians of the bygone era!

We the people of India, are blessed to have a rich heritage and lineage. Every era in Indian history, every nook and corner has a story to tell. There are never ending tales of ‘Kings’ and ‘Princes’, each with his own choices and preferences.  Every unique piece of architecture is specific to the region and its culture. Talking about Mughal emperors their style of architecture will have every nuance of their love for mirrors, carved meshes and Arabian patterns. A palace from Rajasthan will have walls hand painted with colours made out of vegetable dyes. Every palace is a marvel of its own! Just walking through the corridors makes you feel like a royal. The minarets, the moats, the armouries, all hold a rich legacy of bravery and victory.

While some of these have been preserved as sights to visit, some have been made into heritage home, where you can book a stay, feel like a royal and do all that the king used to do.

1. Lake Palace, Udaipur

Set in the dreamy backdrop of the Aravallis, the exquisite monument floats in the serene waters of Pichola Lake. The palace made out of white marble, conceived in romance, was built in 1746 by Maharana Jagat Singh II, a successor to the royal dynasty of Mewar. The interiors amplify the resplendent beauty.

Lake Palace, Udaipur

Courtesy: India’s invitation

Interesting facts – Udaipur is called the ‘city of lakes’

2. Umaid Bhawan Palace, Jodhpur

This golden – yellow structure was made in Art Deco style of the time. This palace named after Maharaja Umaid Singh took 15 years to complete. It’s set in 26 acres of lush greenery and is a principle residence to the royal family ever since.

Umaid Bhawan Palace, Jodhpur

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Interesting facts – Jodhpur is called the ‘blue city’

3. Brunton Boatyard, Cochin

Resurrected from the remains of 19th century shipbuilding yard at the peak of pepper trade, this heritage home is moored on the notable stretch of Cochin’s famed Harbour. This tribute to the bygone era is symbolic of Cochin’s mixed roots and clearly depicts the eclectic blend of English, Portuguese and Dutch influences.

Brunton Boatyard, Cochin

Courtesy: Tripzuki

Interesting facts – Cochin is the biggest spice market

4. Maison Perumal, Pondicherry

Constructed 100 years ago, this sophisticated heritage structure is an epitome of the blend of Tamil and French style. The two courtyards, Thinnai and Thalavaram speak of the rich Tamil heritage, while the elegantly designed windows showcase the authenticity of French architectural patterns.

Maison Perumal, Pondicherry

Courtesy: Redscarabtravel

Interesting facts – Pondicherry is called ‘India’s little France’

5. Jehan Numa Palace, Bhopal

This 19th century royal monument set atop Shamla Hill is a testament of Nawabi history and culture. The royal structure dates back to the era of Begums of Bhopal and is a bespoke miscellany of colonial style and princely Indian culture.

Jehan Numa Palace, Bhopal

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Interesting facts – Bhopal was ruled by ‘Begums’

Given the fact that the then architects didn’t have modern day implements and machines; every stone, every wall has been created by hand, with relentless labour and unparalleled craftsmanship. It is therefore incumbent on us to preserve the custodians of our history for posterity.