Gifting guide for the newly weds

There is nothing like the magic of new beginnings! The biggest turn that life takes is, when you get married. It goes much beyond the vows and rituals. It’s about choosing your go – to person for a lifetime. It’s about setting up your own home together. It’s like a dream. Joining in, in your celebration are friends and family to bless you with the best of times ahead and a happy and enriching togetherness forever. Indian weddings are colourful, vibrant and poignant. It’s a surge of emotions, a blend of many cultures and an unforgettable day that will go down in history. Such momentous occasions deserve the best of gifts, something that is fondly remembered, treasured and also is useful to the couple felicitated. Here are some such suggestions;

1. Decor essentials –

The couple is about to set up a new home. Given all the craziness of the wedding, it leaves very little time for them to go and shop for home decor. But that does not spare them from the endless sea of guests and relatives who would want to be the first ones to join them for their housewarming. A statement piece that would add glitz and glam to their new abode would be highly appreciated. This also gives you a variety to choose from; expensive vases, lamps, decorative plates, paintings and the list is endless.

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2. Home Linen –

Setting up a new home also means starting from scratch on stocking home linen. If nothing else, having your room ready is the most important part. Right from bed sheets, to pillows, to blankets the list is endless. Gifting home linen surely makes for a ‘GIFT WITH A PURPOSE’. It’s best to go with subdued hues and minimal design, especially if you don’t know the couple too well. Neutral colours would also go well with any sort of interiors the couple may decide on, for their room.

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3. Crockery and cutlery –

Once married, the endless home visits and housewarming parties are a given for the newly wedded couple. To add to it, running from pillar to post to hand pick everything right from spoons, to wine glasses and plates is not something that they can imagine at that time. Gifting them a dining set with all the dining essentials would definitely be a saviour.

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A gift in a wedding is not only a custom or an etiquette, but also something that makes for a beautiful and tangible memory that is a loving reminder of the beautiful bond that you share with them. Hand picking a gift for someone does take a lot of thought and effort, but it lends a personalised feeling between you and the couple. Also, a thoughtful gift is a big help for the couple as they enter a new phase of their lives and something that they will also remember you for.