Get Party Ready For Holi

What better way to mark the arrival of spring, the season of hope, than with vibrant colours and fertile harvests. The colourful season is celebrated on the notes of lot of joy and fun with colours everywhere. You can see people dunking each other in colourful water, the atmosphere is full of energy and there is no age bar. Here are some ways in which you can make the joyous festival even more fun for your family;

1. Get updated on the significance of Holi

First things first, to celebrate is one thing but to understand the true significance of why we are celebrating something is equally important. Legend has it, that the festival is celebrated to mark the victory of good over evil. It is said that on this day Lord Vishnu vanquished the evil princess called Holika. According to another popular tale it was in this day that Lord Krishna had applied colour on the cheeks of Radha, marking a sweet harmonious relationship.

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2. Bonfire rituals and celebrations

Holika Dahan is celebrated by burning a bonfire. Families gather around the fire and make merry, sing songs and dance to the beat of the drums.

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3. Gifts for your dear ones

No festival is complete unless you share the joy and happiness with your near and dear ones. You should choose gifts that our colourful and our symbolic of the love and care that you have for them. You can leave a personal note in it to add a personal touch to your gift.

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4. Party in style

This is the only day when you won’t be penalized for going all out to have fun. Bring out the child in you. Organise a happening party, call a DJ, add sprinklers with colourful water, have a tub ready to dunk your loved ones in the colours of merriment and joy.

Tip: Free yourself from the nightmare of having coloured walls and metallic sprays all over your house, take the party out to the garden that will also ensure more space for everyone.

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5. Treat your loved ones with exciting snacks and beverages

Ever since childhood you have associated Holi with ‘Gujiya’ and ‘Thandai’. You can also experiment with mint lemonade, traditional milkshakes like almond milkshake and buttermilk for beverages. Apart from distributing and sharing traditional sweets with your loved ones you can also add exciting snacks like pav bhaji and chaat to the menu to make it fun.

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While some of us just can’t seem to get enough of the wild riot of colours, for some it is more about celebrating a low – key Holi and giving back to society. Here are some unconventional ways of celebrating the festival;

1. Donate sweets to the less privileged

It’s all about sharing and spreading love. The festival also marks the feeling of harmony and generosity for one another. Sharing your festivities with people less privileged than you is a good way to give back to society. It could be anyone from your helpers to anyone on the street.

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2. Take care of street animals

More often than not the fun turns into hooliganism and there are many people who for the fun of it harm innocent animals, by spraying them with colours and dunking them in coloured water which could be toxic for them. You can help them by being their angel in disguise and protect them from all the rowdy behaviour by taking them inside or simply treating them with healthy food and a good clean up.

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There are so many ways that you can celebrate Holi. What’s most important is to have a safe, harmonious and joyful Holi with all your near and dear ones.