Decor 101: Add a touch of cosiness with candles

Candles are beautiful pieces of decor. They are simple yet light up the room like no other. If you want to bring freshness, cosiness, and a peaceful atmosphere in your house, you need to have candles. They are the easiest to decorate with and the bedroom is that one place to keep candles without fail. Want to know some cool tricks to add a cosy vibe to your house with candles?

Here are a few: –

Grab that mason jar – If you have mason jars or glass jars of any shape, you can just place a basic candle in it with some glitter or shells or sand. This will ignite the entire space in minutes and make it seem like you picked up these candles from an exquisite store!

Light up that entrance – Don’t wish to hang lantern lights on the ceiling? You can use it as a candle stand for your front porch. Just put a set of candles in the lantern designed piece, and you are good to go. You can place this outside during the evening time for a cosy feel with the evening breeze. Sounds like a holiday, right?

Empty space saver – Have a dull empty space? Decorate it with candles of various sizes and shapes. You can choose fragrances and colours too! A wall with a boring canvas and no furniture will be your new cuddle corner with the help of a few candles.
Check out some lovely candles online right here and try these three incredibly simple and elegant decor ideas if you love them