Boost your living room with creative & easy DIYs!

Want something to do on the weekends? Well, we have an idea! How about re-decorating your house a little with these three incredible DIY tricks. They are creative, easy and fun! You don’t need too many things or equipment to do these amazing DIYs for your living room.

Stitch it up – If you have always been interested in stitching, you can make new cushion covers. You probably have purchased cushions online and want to change the colour of it, just make new covers. You can use any cloth you like or curtains, bedsheets, or designed ones too. Alternately, you can stitch up a rug too for the living area with this remaining cloth. Creative, right? Once you are done stitching everything, decorate it in a mixed manner to show off the colours.

Rearrange – Have too much furniture or decor pieces just kept anywhere? Spend the weekend by decorating everything in colour coordinated manner along with cleaning it at the same time. Make sure your vases are in one place, and rest of your furniture falls into place with the aesthetics of the house.

Paint – Pick up those brushes and get your favourite colour to paint old furniture like chairs, coffee tables and more. This will make it seem like you purchased new furniture, but instead, you just gave it a new attire.

Get your creative and artistic mind working so you can re-decorate your house in the easiest way possible over the weekend!